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Logopädie in Moosach


First Contact

How can I get an appointment?

If you feel that you might need speech therapy or that your child shows difficulties in his or her language development, your first step of action should be to discuss your situation with your doctor. Adults should either talk to their GP or ENT. When you are seeking help for your children you can talk to your pediatrician, ENT or orthodontist. These doctors can transfer you to us if they also think that a logopedic diagnosis or therapy is necessary. Once you want to arrange your first appointment or if you have any questions before you start your therapy you can contact us in our practice by phone or email or use our online contact form.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure whether you or your child might need logopedic therapy at all.

Who pays for the treatment?

Normally any state or private health insurance company will agree to pay most of the therapy. Young people and children under 18 will not have to pay any additional costs just as patients who are covered for additional costs by their health insurance.

The first appointment

When you come to our practice for the first time we will talk about your personal history concerning speaking difficulties.

Adults will be asked for recently occurring difficulties so that we can come up with an overall assessment of the situation and individual information which is important to know for a diagnosis to come up with a schedule for the therapy. When children come to us for therapy we ask the parents about their development in various areas in their early childhood and about their recent problems. After that we examine the child for the first time to get a first impression of its lingual abilities. If necessary we will have a close look at each area of language development during the next meetings and eventually start the therapy if it is actually needed.

During an advisory conversation parents will be informed in detail about their child’s level of language development and about the possible therapies. It is very important to us to work in close cooperation with the parents, as it is the foundation for a successful therapy.

We are always happy to offer more advice to parents during the course of the therapy when we talk about the possibilities they have to support their children at home or about any questions that occur.
Feel free to contact us by phone or email whenever you have any individual questions.